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World War 1
World War 2




by Gordon Smith

Compass Rose - click for full version  


I like maps, find they are essential to following naval and military campaigns and battles - preferably with all places in the text shown on the accompanying map, but maps relevant to my naval interests are often difficult to find. This particularly applies to sea and coast locations. Over the years I have enjoyed preparing a variety of maps for use with and hope some of them may be of interest and use to visitors.

And with more than a passing interest in World War 1, I found I frequently needed to refer to a "Compass Rose" to find the location of ships in action or lost at sea. There did not appear to be any on the internet and so I prepared my own from a 1915 Manual of Seamanship.

Thumbnails of all my main maps follow.  Note that their actual sizes will vary. You are welcome to download, use and modify them plus the Compass Rose above. In return, please acknowledge - thank you.
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Campaigns and Battles
          World War 1 period          
  North Sea   North Sea sandbanks   Dover Straits and defences   Gulf of Riga, Baltic   Dardanelles and approaches  
      Gallipoli Landings 1915       North Russia 1914-19      
  World War 2

Royal, Dominion and Allied Navies Month-by-Month across all Theatres

  Battle of River Plate 1939   Invasion of Norway 1940   Battles of Narvik 1940   British Convoy routes 1940-41   Action off Calabria 1940  
  FAA Attack on Taranto 1940   Battle of Cape Matapan 1941   Hunt for 'Bismarck', 1941, phase One   Hunt for 'Bismarck', 1941, phase Two   Russian Convoy Routes 1941-45  
  Sinking of 'Repulse' and 'Prince of Wales' 1941   'Channel Dash' of German 'Big Ships' 1942   Second Battle of Sirte 1942   Malta Convoy 'Pedestal' 1942   Battle of Barents Sea 1942  
  Invasion of Sicily 1943       Battle of North Cape 1943       Invasion of Normandy 1944  
British, Allied and Axis Bases, 1939 to c1942

British and Other Navies in World War 2, Day-by-Day - Ship Movements, Actions, Losses

  British Home Waters 1939   British Foreign Stations 1939   French Bases 1939   German Coastline 1939   US Navy in Europe 1939  
  French Bases 1940   Italy and Central Mediterranean 1940   RN Home Bases 1941   RN Home Bases 1942 - North East coast   RN Home Bases 1942 - South coast  
          RN Home Bases 1942 - remaining coasts          
Russian Convoys 1941-1945 - a selection of Eastern Front campaign and Naval Battle Maps

Russian Convoys 1941-45 - for all maps

  Operation Barbarossa   Russian Front & Russian Convoys June-Nov 1941   December 1941-May 1942   June-October 1942   November 1942-May 1943 .....on to 1945  
  Convoy PQ17   Convoy PQ18   Battle of Barents Sea (1) -  in outline   Battle of Barents Sea (1) - in more detail   Battle of North Cape, Phase 2  
      Tirpitz out of action       Tirpitz sunk      

Falklands War 1982 - a selection of Location, Movement and Battle Maps

Battle Atlas of the Falklands War - for all maps and the stories behind them

  Falklands location   Argentina   Falkland Islands & History   South Georgia   Diplomatic Journeys  
  Argentine Bases   United Kingdom Bases   Ascension Island   RAF Movements   Sinking of "General Belgrano"  
  San Carlos Landings   Air Battles of 21 May (1)   Air Battles of 21 May (2)   Battle of Goose Green   Battle of Mount Longdon  
  Battle of Two Sisters   Battle of Mount Harriet   Battle of Wireless Ridge   Battle of Tumbledown Mountain   British Task Force Returns  

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