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above left - HMS Skate

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Note on Convoys

Lists of Convoy Escort Movements for many of the capital ships, cruisers, escort carriers, armed merchant cruisers, destroyers, frigates, sloops, corvettes etc. of the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Canadian Navy and some Allied Navies have been compiled by Don Kindell, Naval History Researcher from existing databases in his possession. They are now being uploaded on Naval-History.Net.

The first ones follow. The visitor will find that most of Don Kindell's lists are being added as addenda to the "Service Histories of Royal Navy Warships in World War 2" researched by by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd). This way, both sets of information for a given ship are on the same page.

Where Service Histories do not exist, the escort movements are grouped together  i.e. British corvettes, Canadian corvettes and  armed merchant cruisers

However, a word of caution is necessary. The visitor will find discrepancies between the two sets of convoy information. As with casualty figures, this highlights the difficulty sometimes of ensuring accuracy with naval history data. Every attempt will be made to reconcile these differences, but this will take time and may never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Don Kindell informs me that:

"The basis of the lists was the comprehensive convoy database compiled by the late Arnold Hague (naval historian and author, ex-Lt Cdr, RNR, Rtd). However, since Arnold deliberately concentrated on merchant ships and not the escorts, this, plus his death cut short further research, and a number of convoys did not have the escorts listed. I have filled in many series from information not entered from Arnold's files, from the War Diaries (notably, Rosyth War Diary and Mediterranean War Diary), and from various other primary documents."

and Geoff Mason that:

"With his earlier histories, he used Blair's two volumes plus other published sources, but later referred to Arnold Hague's publications." 




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Vessels by Name

also see Vessels by Type, especially for Corvettes and AMC's


A - Acasta, Achates, Acheron, Achilles (RNZN), Active Activity, Adelaide (RAN), Ajax, Albatross, Amazon, Ambuscade, Anson, Antelope, Anthony, Archer, Ardent, Argus, Ark Royal, Arrow, Assiniboine (RCN), Atheling, Attacker, Australia (RAN), Avenger


B - Basilisk, Battler, Beagle, Begum, Bellona, Bermuda, Berwick, Biter, Black Prince, Blanche, Boadicea, Bonaventure, Boreas, Brazen, Brilliant, Broke, Bulldog


C - Cairo, Calcutta, Caledon, Campania, Campbell, Canberra (RAN), Capetown, Caradoc, Carlisle, Ceres, Charybdis, Chaser, Cleopatra, Cleveland, Codrington, Colombo, Cornwall, Coventry, Cumberland, Curacoa, Curlew


D - Dainty, Danae, Daring, Dasher, Dauntless, Decoy, Defender, Delhi, Delight, Despatch, Devonshire, Diadem, Diamond, Diana, Dido, Dorsetshire, Douglas, Dragon, Duchess, Duke of York, Duncan, Dunedin, Durban


E - Eagle, Echo, Eclipse, Effingham, Electra, Emerald, Emperor, Encounter, Enterprise, Escapade, Escort, Esk, Euryalus, Exeter, Exmouth, Express


F - Fame, Faulknor, Fearless, Fencer, Fiji, Firedrake, Foresight, Forester, Formidable, Fortune, Foxhound, Fraser (RCN), Frobisher, Furious, Fury


G - Gallant, Gambia, Garland, Gatineau (RCN), Gipsy, Glowworm, Grafton, Grenade, Grenville, Greyhound, Griffin


H - Hardy, Harvester, Hasty, Havant, Havelock, Havock, Hawkins, Hereward, Hermes, Hermione, Hero, Hesperus, Highlander, Hobart (RAN), Hood, Hostile, Hotspur, Howe, Hunter, Hurricane, Hyperion


I - Illustrious, Inconstant, Indomitable, Ithuriel


J - Jamaica


K - Keith, Kent, Kenya, Kempenfelt, Keppel, King George V, Kootenay (RCN)


L - Leander (RNZN), London


M - MacKay, Magpie, Malaya, Malcolm, Maori, Margaree (RCN), Martin, Mauritius, Montrose


N - Nairana, Navarinon (Greek), Nelson, Neptune, Newfoundland, Nigeria, Norfolk


O - Orion, Ottawa (RCN)


P - Perth (RAN), Phoebe, Premier, Prince of Wales, Puncher, Pursuer


Q - Qu’Appelle (RCN), Quebec (RCN), Queen, Queen Elizabeth, Quorn


R - Ramillies, Ravager, Reaper, Renown, Resolution, Restigouche (RCN), Revenge, Rodney, Royalist, Royal Sovereign


S - Sabre, Saguenay, St Laurent (RCN), Saladin, Salamis (Greek), Sardonyx, Saskatchewan (RCN), Scimitar, Scylla, Searcher, Shikari, Shropshire, Skate, Skeena, Spartan, Stalker, Stuart (RAN), Sturdy, Suffolk, Sussex, Sydney (RAN)


T - Tracker, Trinidad, Trumpeter


U - Uganda, Unicorn


V - Valentine, Valiant, Valorous, Vampire (RAN), Vanessa, Vanity, Vanoc, Vanquisher, Vansittart, Vega, Velox, Vendetta (RAN), Venetia, Venomous Verdun, Verity, Versatile, Vesper, Veteran, Viceroy, Victorious, Vidette, Vimiera, Vimy, Vindex, Viscount, Vivacious, Vivien, Volunteer, Vortigern, Voyager (RAN)


W - Wakeful, Walker, Wallace, WalpoleWanderer, Warspite, Warwick, Watchman, Waterhen (RAN), Wessex, Westcott, Westminster, , Whelp, Whirlwind, Whitehall, Whitley, Whitshed, Wild Swan, Winchelsea, Winchester, Windsor, Wishart, Witch, Witherington, Wivern, Wolfhound, Wolsey, Wolverine, Woolston, Worcester, Wren, Wrestler, Wryneck


Y - York





Vessels by Type and Class
(ships of class in brackets are not included)



Queen Elizabeth-class

(Barham), Malaya, Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, Warspite


Royal Sovereign-class

Ramillies, Resolution, Revenge, (Royal Oak), Royal Sovereign



Nelson, Rodney


King George V-class

Anson, Duke of York, Howe, King George V, Prince of Wales






Renown, (Repulse)

Fleet and other aircraft carriers

World War 1 period ships

Argus, Eagle, Hermes






Albatross (seaplane carrier)



Ark Royal



(1) Formidable, Illustrious, Victorious, (2) Indomitable, (3) (Implacable), (Indefatigable)

Light fleet carriers


Unicorn (built as aircraft maintenance ship)

Escort carriers

individual conversions

(Audacity), Activity, Campania, (Pretoria Castle)



Nairana, Vindex



Archer, Avenger, Biter, Dasher



Attacker, Battler, Chaser, Fencer, (Hunter), Pursuer, Ravager, Searcher, Stalker, Tracker



(Ameer), (Arbiter), Atheling, Begum, Emperor, (Empress), (Khedive), (Nabob), (Patroller), Premier, Puncher, Queen, (Rajah), (Ranee), Reaper, (Ruler), (Shah), (Slinger), (Smiter), (Speaker), (Thane), (Trouncer), Trumpeter

Heavy cruisers



Australia (RAN), Berwick, Canberra (RAN), Cornwall, Cumberland, Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Kent, London, Norfolk, Shropshire, Suffolk, Sussex



Exeter, York

Light/AA cruisers

World War 1 Birmingham-class

Adelaide (RAN)


World War 1 C-types

Cairo, Calcutta, Caledon, (Calypso), Capetown, Caradoc, (Cardiff), Carlisle, Ceres, Colombo, Coventry, Curacoa, Curlew


World War 1 D-types

Danae, Dauntless, Delhi, Despatch, (Diomede), Dragon, Dunedin, Durban



Effingham, Frobisher, Hawkins,


World War 1 E-class

Emerald, Enterprise



Achilles (RNZN), Ajax, Leander (RNZN), Neptune, Orion



Hobart, Perth, Sydney (all RAN)



Arethusa, Aurora, Galatea, Penelope



Birmingham, Glasgow, Gloucester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton



Belfast, Edinburgh



(Argonaut), Bonaventure, Charybdis, Cleopatra, Dido, Euryalus, Hermione, (Naiad), Phoebe, Scylla, (Sirius)



Bermuda, (Ceylon), Fiji, Gambia, Jamaica, Kenya, Mauritius, Newfoundland, Nigeria, Trinidad, Uganda/Quebec (RCN)


Bellona/Improved Dido-class

Bellona, Black Prince, Diadem, Royalist, Spartan

Destroyers and


Broke, Keppel, Wallace

Flotilla Leaders


Campbell, Douglas, MacKay, Malcolm, Montrose, Stuart (RAN)


Old R-class



Old S-class

Sabre, Saladin, Sardonyx, Scimitar, Shikari, Sturdy





Valentine, Valorous, Vampire (RAN), Vanessa, Vanity, Vanoc, Vanquisher, Vansittart, Vega, Velox, Vendetta (RAN), Venetia, Venomous, Verdun, Verity, Versatile, Vesper, Veteran, Viceroy, Vidette, Vimiera, Vimy, Viscount, Vivacious, Vivien, Volunteer, Vortigern, Voyager (RAN), Wakeful, Walker, WalpoleWanderer, Warwick, Watchman, Waterhen (RAN), Wessex, Westcott, Westminster, Whirlwind, Whitehall, Whitley, Whitshed, Wild Swan, Winchelsea, Winchester, Windsor, Wishart, Witch, Witherington, Wivern, Wolfhound, Wolsey, Wolverine, Woolston, Worcester, Wren, Wrestler, Wryneck



Amazon, Ambuscade



Codrington (leader), Acasta, Achates, Acheron, ActiveAntelope, Anthony, Ardent, Arrow


Canadian ships

Saguenay, Skeena



Keith (leader), Basilisk, Beagle, Blanche, Boadicea, Boreas (later Greek Salamis), Brazen, Brilliant, Bulldog


C-class - all Canadian

Assiniboine (ex-Kempenfelt, leader), Restigouche (ex-Comet), Fraser (ex-Crescent), Ottawa (ex-Crusader), St Laurent (ex-Cygnet (i))



Duncan (leader), Dainty, Daring, Decoy (later HMCS Kootenay), Defender, Delight, Diamond, Diana (later HMCS Margaree), Duchess



Exmouth (leader), Echo (later Greek Navarinon), Eclipse, Electra, Encounter, Escapade, Escort, Esk, Express (later HMCS Gatineau)



Faulknor (leader), Fame, Fearless, Firedrake, Foresight, Forester, Fortune (later HMCS Saskatchewan), Foxhound (later HMCS Qu’Appelle), Fury



Grenville (Leader), Gallant, Garland, Gipsy, Glowworm, Grafton, Grenade, Greyhound, Griffin

  H-class Hardy (leader), Hasty, Havock, Hereward, Hero (later HMCS Chaudiere), Hostile, Hotspur, Hunter, Hyperion
  I-class Inglefield (leader), Icarus, Ilex, Imogen, Imperial, Impulsive, Intrepid, Isis, Ivanhoe
  ex-Brazilian H-type Harvester, Havant, Havelock, Hesperus, Highlander, Hurricane
  ex-Turkish I-type Inconstant, Ithuriel
  Tribal-class Maori
  M-class Martin


W-class (later)



Escort Destroyers

  Type I Cleveland, Quorn
  Type II Hurworth


Type III




Modified Black Swan-class





  Flower-class (RCN) (in parts) Agassiz, Albermi, Alcoma, Amherst, Arrowhead, Arvida, Baddeck, Barrie, Battleford, Bittersweet, Brandon, Brantford, Buctouche
Armed Merchant Cruisers (in 3 parts) converted liners Alaunia, Alcantara, Antenor, Arawa, Ascania, Aurania, Ausonia, Bulolo, California, Canton, Carnarvon Castle, Carthage, Cathay, Cheshire, Chitral, Cilicia, Circassia, Comorin, Corfu, Derbyshire, Dunvegan Castle, Esperance Bay, Hector, Jervis Bay, Kanimbla (RAN), Laconia, Letitia, Maloja, Manoora (RAN), Montclare, Mooltan, Moreton Bay, Pretoria Castle, Prince David (RCN), Prince Henry (RCN), Prince Robert (RCN), Queen of Bermuda, Rajputana, Ranchi, Ranpura, Salopian, Voltaire, Westralia (RAN), Wolfe, Worcestershire



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