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HMS Biter, escort carrier



AB - Aden to Bombay

ABF - Aden to Bombay, Fast

AC - Alexandria to Cyrenaica (1941)

AG - Alexandria to Greece (1941)

AH - Aruba to Halifax (1942)

AH - Augusta to Heel of Italy ( after  Sep43)

AJ - Aden to Colombo, Ceylon

AK - Aden to Kilindini, Kenya

AKD - Aden to Kilindini and Durban

AM - Chittagong to Madras

AN - Aegean Northward (1940 & 1941)

AN - Admiralty Islands to New Guinea

AP - United Kingdom to Egypt (Troop convoys, mid-1940)

ARG - Boston to Argentia

AS - Aegean Southward (1940 & 1941)

AS - United States to West African ports

AT - Alexandria to Tobruk

AT - United States to United Kingdom

ATM - Antwerp to Thames (1944 & 1945)

AW - Aruba to Curašao


BA - Bombay to Aden

BAF - Bombay to Aden, Fast

BB - Belfast to Bristol Channel

BB - Clyde to Bristol Channel

BC - Beira to Durban

BC - Clyde to Bristol Channel

BC - Bristol Channel to Biscay

BC - United States East Coast to Society Islands

BD - White Sea to Dikson


BF - Bahia (Brazil) to Freetown

BG - Milne Bay to New Guinea

BG - Brisbane to Gladstone

BHX - Bermuda Joiner to HX

BK - Bombay to Karachi

BK - White Sea to Kola Inlet

BM - Bombay to Singapore

BM - Bombay to Colombo

BN - Bombay to Suez

BN - New Britain to New Guinea

BP - Bombay to Persian Gulf

BRN - Bahia, Brazil, Recife Northward

BS - Suez to Aden

BS - Corner Brook (Canada) to Sydney, Nova Scotia

BS - Brest to Casablanca (French)

BT - Bahia to Trinidad

BT - Sydney, Nova Scotia to USA

BT - Brisbane to Townsville

BTC - Bristol Channel to Thames

BV - Brisbane to Townsville

BX - Boston to Halifax


C - Colombo to dispersal (1942)

CA - Capetown southward to dispersal

CB - Durban to Beira

CD - Capetown to Durban

CE - Channel Eastward

CF - Capetown to W. Africa and United Kingdom

CG - Casablanca to Gibraltar

CH - Chittagong to Calcutta

CJ - Calcutta to Colombo

CK - Havana to Key West

CL - St. Johns', Newfoundland to Sydney, Nova Scotia

CM - Capetown to Kilindini to Aden

CN - Capetown northward to dispersal

CO - Newcastle, Australia to Melbourne & Adelaide

COC - Plymouth to Brittany

CP - Curašao to Panama

CRD - Casablanca to Dakar

CT - United Kingdom to Canada

CT - Corsica to Sardinia to Bizerta

CU - New York to Netherlands West Indies (CU 1-8: Curašao to United Kingdom)

CU - New York to United Kingdom

CV - Cyrenaica to Malta

CW - Crystobal to Key West

CW - Channel Westward

CX - Colombo to Addu Atoll

CZ - Curašao to Cristobal


D - Dakar to Casablanca

DB - Dikson to White Sea

DBF - Dakar to Bathurst to Freetown

DC - Durban to Capetown

DF - Clyde to Faroes (military ferry)

DG - Thursday Island to Merauke, New Guinea

DK - Durban to Kilindini

DKA - Durban to Kilindini to Aden

DLM - Durban to Laurenco Marques

DM - Durban to Malaya

DN - Durban northward to dispersal

DR - Dakar to Gibraltar

DRC - Dakar to Casablanca

DS - Clyde to Reykjavik

DSF - Dakar to Freetown

DSL - Dakar to Freetown & Lagos

DSP - Dakar to Freetown & Pointe Noire

DST - Dakar to Freetown & Takoradi

DT - Darwin to Thursday Island


E - Trinidad to dispersal southward

EBC - Bristol Channel to France

EBM - Bristol Channel MT convoy to France (June 1944)

EC - Southend to Oban via Firth of Forth

ECM - Falmouth to France

ECP - Portland & Solent to Bay of Seine

EMM - Belfast to France

EMP - Belfast to France

EN - Methili to Oban via Loch Ewe

EPM - Portland to France via Solent

EPP - Portland to France vial Solent

ET - North Africa to Gibraltar

ETC - Thames to France

ETM - Thames to France MT

EWC - Spithead to Normandy

EWL - Isle of Wight to France

EWM - Isle of Wight to France MT

EWP - Isle of Wight to France


FB - Freetown to Bahia, Brazil

FBC - Bay of Seine to Bristol Channel

FC - France fo West of England

FCP - France to West of England, personnel

FD - Faroes to Clyde military ferry

FFT - Freetown to Trinidad

FG - Freemantle to Adelaide

FH - Saint John, New Brunswick to Halifax

FJ - Florianopolis to Rio de Janeiro

FM - Milne Bay to Port Moresby

FN - Forth North, Thames to Firth of Forth

FP - Troop convoys to Norway

FPM - France to Portland MT

FPP - France to Portland (personnel)

FS - Forth South, Firth of Forth to Thames

FSD - Freetown to Dakar

FTC - France to Thames

FTM - France to Thames MT

FWC - France to Isle of Wight

FWL - France to Isle of Wight (landing craft)

FWM - France to Isle of Wight MT

FWP - France to Isle of Wight (personnel)

FXP - France to United Kingdom


G - Guantanamo to San Juan, Puerto Rico

GAT - Guantanamo to Aruba to Trinidad

GB - New Guinea to Milne Bay

GC - Gibraltar to Casablanca

GD - Merauke, N.E.I. to Thursday Island

GF - Adelaide to Fremantle

GI - New Guinea to Philippines

GJ - Guantanamo to Kingston, Jamaica

GK - Guantanamo to Key West

GM - Galveston to Mississippi River

GN - Guantanamo to New York

GP - Galveston to Pilottown

GP - Guantanamo to Panama

GP - Sydney, Australia to Townsville and Brisbane

GS - Greenland to St. Johns, Newfoundland


GP - Sydney, Australia to Townsville and Brisbane

GS - Greenland to St. Johns, Newfoundland

GS - Humber to Southend

GT - Gladstone to Townsville

GTX - Gibraltar to Tripoli to Alexandria

GUF - Oran or Naples to U.S., Fast

GUS - Port Said to U.S., Slow

GZ - Guantanamo to Panama Canal Zone


HA - Halifax to Curašao

HA - Heel of Italy to Augusta

HB - Australia to India

HC - Calcutta to Chittagong

HF - Halifax to Saint John, New Brunswick

HG - Gibraltar to United Kingdom

HGF - Gibraltar to United Kingdom Fast

HHX - Halifax Joiner to HX Convoy

HJ - Halifax to St. John's, Newfoundland

HK - Galveston to Key West

HM - Holyhead to Milford Haven

HN - Norway to United Kingdom

HON - Halifax Joiner to ON Convoy

HP - Heel of Italy to Piraeus

HS - Halifax to Sydney, New Brunswick

HT - Halifax to Trinidad

HX - Halifax to United Kingdom

HX - New York to United Kingdom

HXF - New York to Liverpool, Fast (routing designation)

HXM - New York to Liverpool, Medium

HXS - New York to Liverpool, Slow


IG - Philippines to New Guinea

IXF - Italy to Egypt


JA - Colombo to Aden

JC - Colombo to Calcutta

JF - Rio de Janeiro to Florianopolis

JG - Kingston, Jamaica to Guantanamo

JH - St. John's, Newfoundland to Halifax

JM - India to Mombasa to Madagascar

JN - St. John's, Newfoundland to Labrador

JR - Rio de Janeiro to Recife

JS - Colombo to Singapore

JT - Rio de Janeiro to Trinidad

JW - Iceland/United Kingdom to N. Russia (after December 1942)


K - Casablanca to Brest (incl. KF, KS)

KA Kilindini to Aden

KB - Kola Inlet to White Sea

KD - Kilindini to Durban

KG - Key West to Guantanamo

KH - Key West to Galveston/Houston

KJ - Kingston, Jamaica to United Kingdom

KM - Kilindini to Diego Suarez

KM - Karachi to Bombay

KM - United Kingdom to Mediterranean

KMF - United Kingdom to Mediterranean Fast

KMS - United Kingdom to Mediterranean Slow

KN - Key West to New York or Key West to Norfolk

KP - Key West to Pilottown, Mississippi

KP - Karachi to Persian Gulf

KP - Kola Inlet to Petsamo

KR - Kilindini to Ceylon

KR - Calcutta and Arakan ports to Rangoon

KS - Norfolk to Key West

KW - Key West to Havana

KX - United Kingdom to Gibraltar


LC - Sydney, Nova Scotia to St John's, Newfoundland

LE - Levant East (eg: Port Said to Haifa)

LGE - Lagos Eastbound

LGW - Lagos Westbound

LM - Lagos to Matadi

LMD - Laurenco Marques (Maputo), Mozambique to Durban

LN - St Lawrence to Labrador

LQ - Barrier Reef to Brisbane

LS - Lagos to Freetown

LSD - Lagos to Freetown to Dakar

LTS - Lagos to Takoradi to Freetown

LU - Humber to Elbe

LW - Levant Westbound

LW - U.S. East Coast to Southwest Pacific


MA - Mombasa to Aden

MA - Madras to Chittagong

MB - Colombo to Bombay

MB - Port Moresby to Fall River, New Guinea

MC - Aden to Mombasa to Durban to Capetown

MD - Madagascar to Durban

ME - Malta Eastbound

MF - Port Moresby to Milne Bay & Fall River, New Guinea

MG - Malta to Gibraltar

MG - Mississippi River to Galveston

MH - Milford Haven to Holyhead

MK - Madagascar to Kilindini

MKF - Mediterranean to United Kingdom Fast

MKS - Mediterranean to United Kingdom Slow

MN - Mauritius to Seychelles

MO - Marseilles to N. Africa

MR - Madras to Rangoon

MS - Melbourne to Singapore

MS - Marseilles to Naples

MT - Methil to Tyne

MT - Port Moresby to Townsville

MTC - Bay of the Seine to Southend

MTM - Bay of the Seine to Southend

MV - Milne Bay to Townsville

MW - Malta Westward, Alexandria to Malta


NA - Canada to United Kingdom

NA - Langemak Bay, New Guinea to Admiralty Islands

NAP - Dover to France

NB - New Guinea to New Britain

NC - Walvis Bay, Southwest Africa to Capetown

NE - New Zealand to Panama

NG - New York to Guantanamo

NJ - Newfoundland coast to St John's

NK - New York to Key West

NL - Labrador to St Lawrence

NLY - Lingayen/Hollandia/Leyte

NP - United Kingdom to Norway

NP - Turkey to Port Said

NR - Norway to Methil

NS - New Caledonia to Sydney, Australia

NSF - N. Africa to Naples

NT - New Guinea to Townsville

NV - Naples to Augusta

NYC - New York to E. Coast to Bermuda to United Kingdom


OA - Thames to Liverpool

OA - Liverpool outward

OC - Melbourne to Newcastle, Australia

OG - United Kingdom to Gibraltar

OM - Oran to Marseilles

ON - Methil to Bergen

ON - Liverpool to New York Fast

ONM - Liverpool to New York Medium

ONS - Liverpool to Halifax Slow

OS - Liverpool to Freetown

OSS - Southward extension of OS

OT - Aruba or Curašao to Northwest Africa

OT - Curašao to Trinidad

OT - New York to Netherlands West Indies

OW - United Kingdom to India and Australia


PA - Persian Gulf to Aden

PAD - Pointe Noire to Freetown to Dakar

PB - Persian Gulf to Bombay

PG - Brisbane to Sydney

PG - Panama to Guantanamo

PG - Pilottown to Galveston

PH - Piraeus to Heel of Italy

PK - Pilottown, Mississippi to Key West

PN - Port Said to Turkey

PQ - Iceland to Murmansk ("JW" after December 1942)

PQ - Townsville to Port Moresby

PR - Piraeus to Rabbit Island (Dardanelles)

PT - Paramaribo to Trinidad

PT - Pearl Harbor to Tarawa

PR - Piraeus to Rabbit Island (Dardanelles)

PT - Paramaribo to Trinidad

PT - Pearl Harbor to Tarawa


PTS - Pointe Noire to Takoradi to Freetown

PV - Melbourne to Townsville

PW - Portsmouth to Wales


QL - Brisbane to Townsville

QP - N. Russia to Iceland ("RA" after December 1942)

QS - Quebec to Sydney, Nova Scotia


RA - N. Russia to Iceland (after December 1942)

RJ - Recife to Rio de Janeiro

RK - Rangoon to Arakan and Calcutta

RK - Colombo to Kilindini

RM - Rangoon to Madras to Colombo

RN - Methil to Norway

RP - Dardanelles to Piraeus

RS - Gibraltar to Freetown

RT - Capetown to Freetown

RT - Recife to Trinidad

RU - Reykjavik to United Kingdom


SB - Sydney, Nova Scotia to Corner Brook

SC - Halifax Slow to United Kingdom

SD - Iceland to Clyde

SD - Seychelles to Diego Suarez

SG - Sydney or St. Johns, Newfoundland to Greenland

SG - Southend to Humber

SH - Sydney, Newfoundland to Halifax

SHX - Sydney joiner to HX convoys

SJ - San Juan, PR to Guantanamo

SJ - Singapore to Colombo

SJ - Santos to Rio de Janeiro

SL - Freetown to United Kingdom

SLF - Freetown to United Kingdom Fast

SLS - Freetown to United Kingdom Slow

SM - Batavia to Fremantle

SM - Naples to Marseilles

SN - Sydney to New Caledonia

SNF - Naples to N. Africa Fast

SQ - Sydney, Newfoundland to Quebec

SR - Calcutta to Rangoon

SR - Freetown to Gibraltar

ST - Freetown to Takoradi

ST - Sydney to Townsville

STC - Freetown to Takoradi to Capetown

STL - Freetown to Takoradi to Lagos

STP - Freetown to Takoradi to Pointe Noire

STW - Freetown to Takoradi to Walvis Bay

SU - Suez to Australia

SV - Sydney to Townsville

SW - Suez to Mambasa or Durban


T - Hollandia to Manila

TA - United Kingdom to United States (military)

TA - Tobruk to Alexandria

TAC - Thames to Ostend

TACA - Thames to Antwerp

TAG - Trinidad to Aruba to Guantanamo

TAM - Thames to Antwerp Military

TAP - Thames to France

TAW - Trinidad to Aruba to Key West

TB - Trinidad to Bahia

TBC - Thames to Bristol Channel

TC - Canada to United Kingdom (Troop)

TC - Tunisia to Corsica

TCU - New York to United Kingdom (Troop)

TD - Thursday Island to Darwin

TD - New Zealand to N. Australia

TE - Trinidad Eastward to dispersal

TE - Gibraltar to N. Africa

TF - Trinidad to Freetown

TG - Trinidad to Guantanamo

TGE - Takoradi & Lagos Eastward to dispersal

TH - Trinidad to Halifax

TJ - Trinidad to Rio de Janeiro

TLDM - Takoradi to Lagos to Duala to Matadi

TM - Trinidad to Gibraltar

TMF - Trinidad to Gibraltar, Fast

TN - Townsville to New Guinea

TO - Netherlands West Indies to New York

TO - Northwest Africa to Aruba or Curašao

TOC - Trinidad to Curašao

TP - Norway to United Kingdom Troop

TP - Trinidad to Paramaribo

TP - Tarawa to Pearl Harbor

TR - Trinidad to Recife

TS - Takoradi to Freetown

TS - Townsville to Sydney & Brisbane

TSD - Takoradi to Freetown to Dakar

TU - United Kingdom to United States (Troop)

TV - Tripoli to Valetta

TX - Tripoli to Alexandria


UA - United Kingdom to Azores

UC - United Kingdom to New York

UCT - United Kingdom to New York (Troop)

UG - United States to Mediterranean

UGF - United States to Mediterranean, Fast

UGL - United States to Gibraltar (landing craft)

UGS - United States to Mediterranean, Slow

UR - United Kingdom to Reykjavik

US - Australia to Suez

UT - United States to United Kingdom (Troop)

VB - Townsville to Brisbane

VC - Valetta to Cyrenaica

VK - Sydney to Wellington

VN - Augusta or Malta to Naples

VS - Townsville to Sydney

VT - Valetta to Tripoli


WA - Curašao to Aruba

WAT - Key West to Aruba to Trinidad

WEC - Isle of Wight to France

WEL - Isle of Wight to France (landing craft)

WEP - Isle of Wight to Cherbourg

WHX - St. Johns, Newfoundland, Joiner to HX (New York to United Kingdom)

WMP - Isle of Wight to Arromanches

WN - Clyde, Oban & Loch Ewe to Firth of Forth

WNC - Isle of Wight to Le Havre

WNL - Isle of Wight to France

WO - India to Australia Troop

WP - Wales to Portsmouth

WS - Wabana to Sydney, Newfoundland

WS - United Kingdom to Middle East to India ("Winston's Specials")

WSC - Wabana Joiner to SC (Halifax, slow, to United Kingdom)

WTS - Walvis Bay to Takoradi to Freetown

WVP - Isle of Wight to France

WX - Western Desert to Alexandria


XB - Halifax to Boston

XIF - Egypt to Italy

XK - Gibraltar to United Kingdom

XT - Alexandria to Tripoli

XTG - Alexandria to Tripoli to Gibraltar

XW - Alexandria to Western Desert ports


ZC - Canal Zone to Curašao

ZG - Canal Zone to Guantanamo

ZT - New Zealand to Sydney, Australia

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