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Researches of Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Mason, RN (Rtd) (c) 2007



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Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

HMS Barham, lost 25 November 1941 (MQ)





The Author



Geoff Mason (above in 1949) served in the Royal Navy from 1941 to 1972 and was promoted to Warrant Rank in 1947. Wartime service included Malta convoys and the Normandy Landings. He held ship and shore appointments at home and abroad in the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and Far East.


On retirement as an Engineer Lieutenant Commander (RE), he continued his naval associations by employment with Vosper Thornycroft and British Aerospace until 1987. Research activities included design and service of LOCH and BAY Class frigates and social conditions affecting naval service. Articles published included "Pennant Numbers", "Hydrographic Surveying" and "Salvage Work by HM Ships since 1945." His Warship Service Histories amount to some 5,000 pages.



His Other Work





Loch-class Frigates in the Dutch East Indies 1945-1946


Naval-related Code Names in World War 2 - Alphabetically - Chronologically


Pennant Numbers


Royal Navy Chronology - 1946-1950 - 1951-1960 - 1961-1970


Royal Navy Minelaying Operations in World War 2


Salvage Operations by RN Frigates 1950-1964





Officer/Rating Relationships in the Royal Navy 1941-1972


Warrant Officers in the Royal Navy





Allied Anti-Submarine Weapons - A Note


High Frequency Radio Direction Finding - HF/DF or Huff Duff - in RN Warships


Hydrographic Survey Work in the RN up to the 1980's


Modernisation of Town and Colony-class Light Cruisers


New Zealand's Contribution to Radar Development in World War 2




Photographs are mainly courtesy of Steve Johnson of Cyberheritage (CH), Michael Pocock of Maritime Quest (MQ), David Page of NavyPhotos (NP), Peter Swarbrick of Ships Pictures (SP), US Naval Historical Centre (US) and their contributors.


Each image is acknowledged by the abbreviation for the main source and name of the individual contributor if appropriate. My thanks to all of them.








Service Histories by Name

..... by Type and Class

Pre and Post-War


Other Work




(including British warships manned by Allied Navies)


*  histories not compiled by Lt Cdr Mason



A - Abdiel, Abercrombie, Aberdeen, Abingdon, Acasta, Achates, Acheron (i), Acheron (ii), Achilles (RNZN), Active, Activity, Acute, Adelaide (RAN), Adrias (Greek), Adventure, Afridi, Agamemnon, Aire, Airedale, Ajax, Alacrity, Alarm, Albacore, Albatross, Albrighton, Aldenham, Alert, Algerine, Algonquin (RCN), Allington Castle, Amazon, Ambuscade, Ameer, Amethyst, Annapolis (RCN), Anson, Antelope, Anthony, Aphis, Apollo, Arbiter, Archangelsk (Russian), Archer, Ardent, Arendal (Norwegian), Arethusa, Argonaut, Argus, Ariadne, Ark Royal, Armada, Arrow, Arunta (RAN), Ashanti, Assiniboine (RCN), Athabaskan (RCN), Atheling, Atherstone, Attacker, Aubretia, Auckland, Audacity, Aurania, Aurora, Australia (RAN), Avenger, Avon, Avon Vale


B - B.2, B.3, B.4 (all Russian), Badsworth, Balsam, Bamborough Castle, Banff, Bangor, Barfleur, Barham, Barle, Barossa, Basilisk, Bataan (RAN), Bath (also Norwegian), Battler, Beagle, Beaufort, Bedale, Bedouin, Begum, Belfast, Bellona, Belmont, Belvoir, Berkeley, Bermuda, Berwick, Beverley, Bicester, Bickerton, Bideford, Bigbury Bay, Birmingham, Biter, Bittern, Black Swan, Blackmore, Blackpool, Black Prince, Blanche, Blankney, Blean, Bleasdale, Blencathra, Bluebell, Blyth, Boadicea, Bolebroke, Bonaventure (i), Bonaventure (ii), Border, Boreas, Bradford, Bramble (i), Bramble (ii), Bramham, Brave, Brazen, Brecon, Bridgewater, Brighton, Broadwater, Brilliant, Brissenden, Britomart, Brixham, Broadway, Brocklesby, Broke, Bude, Bulldog, Burghead Bay, Burnham, Burwell, Buxton (also RCN)

reviews Ultrarade Froce4Him


C - Cadmus, Caesar, Cairo, Caister Castle, Calcutta, Caldwell (also RCN), Caledon, Calpe, Calypso, Cam, Cambrian, Cameron, Campania, Campbell, Campbeltown, Canberra (RAN), Capetown, Caprice, Caradoc, Cardiff, Cardigan Bay, Carlisle, Carnarvon Bay, Carron, Carysfort, Cassandra, Castleton, Catterick, Cattistock, Cauvery (RIN), Cavalier, Cavendish, Cawsand Bay, Ceres, Ceylon, Chameleon, Chanticleer, Charlestown, Charybdis, Chaser, Chaudiere (RCN), Cheerful, Chelsea (also RCN), Chesterfield, Chiddingfold, Churchill, Cicala, Circe, Clare, Cleopatra, Cleveland, Clover, Clyde, Cockchafer, Codrington, Colombo, Colossus, Columbia (RCN), Comet, Conrad (Polish), Constance, Contest, Cook, Coquette, Cornwall, Cossack (i), Cossack (ii), Cotswold, Cottesmore, Courageous, Coventry, Cowdray, Crane, Crescent, Cricket, Croome, Crusader, Cuckmere, Culver, Cumberland, Curacoa, Curlew, Cygnet (i) , Cygnet (ii)


D - Dainty, Dalrymple, Dampier, Danae, Daring, Dasher, Dauntless, Decoy, Defender, Delhi, Delight, Deptford, Derby, Derby Haven, Derwent, Derzki (Russian), Despatch, Devonshire, Deyatelnyi (Russian), Diadem, Diamond, Diana, Dido, Diomede, Doblestini (Russian), Dorsetshire, Dostoini (Russian), Douglas, Dragon, Dragonfly, Druzhny (Russian), Duchess, Duke of York, Dulverton, Dumbarton Castle, Duncan, Dundee, Dunedin, Dunoon, Durban


E - Eagle, Eastbourne, Easton, Echo, Eclipse, Edinburgh, Effingham, Eggesford, Eglinton, Egret, Electra, Emerald, Emperor, Empress, Enard Bay, Enchantress, Encounter, Enterprise, Erebus, Eridge, Erne, Escapade, Escort, Esk, Eskdale (Norwegian), Eskimo, Espiegle, Essington, Ettrick (also RCN), Euryalus, Exe, Exeter, Exmoor (i), Exmoor (ii), Exmouth, Express


F - Falmouth, Fame, Fantome, Farndale, Faulknor, Fearless, Fencer, Fernie, Fiji, Firedrake, Fishguard, Flamingo, Fleetwood, Folkestone, Foresight, Forester, Formidable, Fortune, Fowey, Foxhound, Franklin, Fraser (RCN), Frobisher, Furious, Fury


G - Galatea, Gallant, Gambia (also RNZN), Garland, Garth, Gatineau (RCN), Georgetown (also RCN), Gipsy, Glaisdale (Norwegian), Glasgow, Glorious, Glory, Gloucester, Glowworm, Gloxinia, Gnat, Goathland, Godavari (RIN), Golden Fleece, Good Hope (SANF), Gorleston, Grafton, Grampus, Grasshopper, Gravelines, Grenade, Grenville (i), Grenville (ii), Greyhound, Griffin, Grimsby, Grove, Gurkha (i), Gurkha (ii)


H - Hadleigh Castle, Haida (RCN), Haldon, Hambledon, Hamilton (also RCN), Hardy (i), Hardy (ii), Hare, Harrier, Hart, Hartland, Harvester, Hastings, Hasty, Hatherleigh, Havant, Havelock, Havock, Hawae (RNZN), Hawkins, Haydon, Hazard, Hebe, Hecla*, Hereward, Hermes, Hermione, Hero, Hesperus, Heythrop, Highlander, Hind, Hobart (RAN), Hogue, Holcombe, Holderness, Hollyhock, Hood, Hostile, Hotspur, Howe, Hunter (i), Hunter (ii), Huron (RCN), Hurricane, Hursley, Hurworth, Hussar, Hyacinth, Hyperion


I - Ibis, Icarus, Ilex, Ilfracombe, Illustrious, Imogen, Imperial, Implacable, Impulsive, Inconstant, Indefatigable, Indomitable, Inglefield, Intrepid, Iron Duke, Iroquois (RCN), Isis, Ithuriel, Ivanhoe


J - Jackal, Jaguar, Jamaica, Janus, Jason, Javelin, Jersey, Jervis, Jewel, Jonquil, Juno, Jupiter


K - Kanaris (Greek), Kandahar, Kaniere (RNZN), Kashmir, Keith, Kelly, Kelvin, Kempenfelt (i), Kempenfelt (ii), Kempthorne, Kent, Kenya, Keppel, Khartoum, Khedive, Kimberley, King George V, Kingston, Kipling, Kistna (RIN), Kite, Kootenay (RCN), Krakowiak (Polish), Kriti (Greek), Kujawiak (Polish)


L - La Combattante (French), Ladybird, Laforey, Lamerton, Lancaster, Lancaster Castle, Lance, Landguard, Lapwing, Largo Bay, Lark, Latona, Lauderdale, Launceston Castle, Leamington (also RCN), Leander (also RNZN), Leda, Ledbury, Leeds, Legion, Leith, Lennox, Lewes, Liberty, Liddesdale, Lightning, Limbourne, Lincoln (also Norwegian), Lively, Liverpool, Loch Achanalt, Loch Achray, Loch Alvie, Loch Ard, Loch Arkaig, Loch Boisdale, Loch Craggie, Loch Cree, Loch Dunvegan, Loch Eck, Loch Fada, Loch Fyne, Loch Glendhu, Loch Gorm, Loch Insh, Loch Katrine, Loch Killin, Loch Killisport, Loch Lomond, Loch More, Loch Morlich, Loch Quoich, Loch Ruthven, Loch Scavaig, Loch Shin, Loch Tarbert, Loch Tralaig, Loch Veyatie, London, Londonderry, Lookout, Lossie, Lowestoft, Loyal, Loyalty, Ludlow, Lulworth, Lydd


M - M.29, M.31, M.33, MacKay, Magpie, Mahratta, Maidstone, Malaya, Malcolm, Manchester, Mansfield (also Norwegian and RCN), Manxman, Maori, Margaree (RCN), Marne, Martin, Mashona, Matabele, Matchless, Mauritius, Medway (i), Melbreak, Mendip, Mermaid, Meteor, Meynell, Miaoulis (Greek), Middleton, Mignonette, Milford, Milne, Modbury, Mohawk, Monkshood, Montclare, Montgomery (also RCN), Montrose, Morecambe Bay, Mounts Bay, Musketeer, Mutine, Myngs, Myrmidon


N - Nabob, Naiad, Nairana, Napier (RAN), Narbada (RIN), Narcissus, Narwhal, Natal (SANF), Navarinon (Greek), Nelson, Nene (also RCN), Nepal (RAN), Neptune, Nerissa, Nestor (RAN), Newark, Newcastle, Newfoundland, Newmarket, Newport (also Norwegian), Niagara (RCN), Niger, Nigeria, Nizam (RAN), Noble, Nonpareil, Norfolk, Norman (RAN), Nubian


O - Oakley (i), Oakley (ii), Obdurate, Obedient, Offa, Onslaught, Onslow, Ontario (RCN), Onyx, Opossum, Opportune, Oribi, Orion, Orkan (Polish), Orwell, Osiris, Ottawa (RCN), Otus, Owen, Oxlip


P - P.32, P.33, P.36, P.38, P.39, P.48, P.311, Padstow Bay, Pakenham, Paladin, Panther, Partridge, Pathfinder, Patroller, Peacock, Pegasus, Pelican, Penelope, Penn, Penylan, Penzance, Perth (RAN), Petard, Peterel, Peterhead, Petunia, Pheasant, Phoebe, Phoenix, Pickle, Pincher, Pindos (Greek), Piorun (Polish), Plover, Plucky, Polaris, Polruan, Porcupine, Porlock Bay, Porpoise, Premier, Pretoria Castle, Prince of Wales, Puckeridge, Pukaki (RNZN), Puncher, Punjabi, Pursuer, Pytchley


Q - Quadrant, Qu’Appelle (RCN), Quail, Quality, Quantock, Quebec (RCN), Queen, Queen Elizabeth, Queenborough, Quentin, Quiberon (also RAN), Quickmatch (also RAN), Quilliam, Quorn


R - Racehorse, Raider, Rainbow, Rajah, Ramillies, Ramsey, Ranee, Rapid, Ravager, Reading, Ready, Reaper, Recruit, Redoubt, Redpole, Regent, Regulus (i), Regulus (ii), Relentless, Renown, Repulse, Resolution, Resource, Restigouche (RCN), Revenge, Rhododendron, Ribble (RCN), Richmond (RCN), Rifleman, Rinaldo, Ripley, Roberts, Robin, Rochester, Rocket, Rockingham, Rockwood, Rodney, Roebuck, Romney, Rorqual, Rosario, Rotherham, Rotoiti (RNZN), Rover, Roxburgh, Royal Sovereign, Royal Oak, Royal Scotsman, Royalist, Ruler, Rutherford, Rye


S - Sabre, Safari, Saguenay (RCN), Sahib, St Albans (also Norwegian), St Austell Bay, St Brides Bay, St Clair (RCN), St Croix (RCN), Saintes, St Francis (RCN), St Laurent (RCN), St Mary's, Saladin, Salamander, Salisbury (also RCN), Saltburn, Saltash, Sandpiper, Sandwich, Sardonyx, Saskatchewan (RCN), Saumarez, Savage, Scarab, Scarborough, Scimitar, Scorpion, Scourge, Scout, Scylla, Seagull, Seal, Searcher, Selkirk, Sennen, Serapis, Severn, Shah, Sharpshooter, Sheffield, Sherwood, Shikari, Shoreham, Shropshire (also RAN), Sikh, Silverton, Sioux (RCN), Sirius, Skate, Skeena (RCN), Slazak (Polish), Slinger, Sluys, Smiter, Snipe, Somali, Southampton, Southdown, Southwold, Spanker, Sparrow, Spartan, Speaker, Spey, Sphinx, Spragge, Squirrel, Stalker, Stanley, Starling, Start Bay, Stevenstone, Stonecrop, Stord (Norwegian), Stork, Striker, Stronghold, Stuart (RAN), Sturdy, Success, Suffolk, Sunflower, Surprise, Sussex, Sutlej (RIN), Sutton, Svenner (Norwegian), Swift, Swiftsure, Sydney (RAN)


T - Tactician, Tally Ho, Talybont, Tamarisk, Tanatside, Tantalus, Tantivy, Tapir, Tartar, Taupo (RNZN), Tay, Teazer, Telemachus, Templar, Tenacious, Tenedos, Teredo, Termagant, Terpischore, Terrapin, Terror, Tetcott, Tetrarch, Teviot, Thames, Thane, Thanet, Themistocles (Greek), Thermopylae, Theseus, Thistle, Thorough, Thracian, Tigris, Tiptoe, Tjerk Hiddes (Dutch), Torbay, Tortola, Totland, Tracker, Tradewind, Transvaal (SANF), Tremadoc Bay, Trenchant, Trent, Trespasser, Triad, Trinidad, Triton, Triumph (i), Triumph (ii), Troubridge, Trouncer, Truant, Trump, Trumpeter, Trusty, Tumult, Turbulent, Turpin, Tuscan, Tutira (RNZN), Tweed, Tynedale, Tyrian


U - Uganda, Ulster, Ultimatum, Ultor, Ulysses, Umbra, Umpire, Una, Unbeaten, Unbending, Unbroken, Undaunted (i), Undaunted (ii), Undine (i), Undine (ii), Unicorn, Union, Unique, Unison, United, Unity, Unrivalled, Unruffled, Unruly, Unseen, Unshaken, Upholder, Upright, Uproar, Urania, Urchin, Urge, Ursa, Ursula, Utmost


V - V.2, V.3, V.4 (all Russian), Valentine (i), Valentine (ii), Valiant, Valorous, Vampire (RAN), Van Galen (Dutch), Vanessa, Vanity, Vanoc, Vanquisher, Vansittart, Vega, Velox, Vendetta (RAN), Venerable, Venetia, Vengeance, Venomous, Venus, Verbena, Verdun, Verity, Versatile, Verulam, Veryan Bay, Vesper, Veteran, Viceroy, Victorious, Vidette, Vigilant, Vimiera, Vimy, Vindex, Vindictive, Virago, Viscount, Vivacious, Vivien, Vixen, Volage, Volunteer, Vortigern, Voyager (RAN)


W - Wager, Wakeful (i), Wakeful (ii), Walker, Wallace, Walney, Walpole, Wanderer, Warramunga (RAN), Warspite, Warwick, Watchman, Waterhen (RAN), Waveney, Wellington, Wells, Welshman, Wensleydale, Wessex (i), Wessex (ii), Westcott, Westminster, Weston, Whaddon, Wheatland, Whelp, Whimbrel, Whirlwind (i), Whirlwind (ii), Whitehall, Whitesand Bay, Whitley, Whitshed, Widemouth Bay, Wigtown Bay, Wild Goose, Wild Swan, Wilton, Winchelsea, Winchester, Windsor, Wishart, Witch, Witherington, Wivern, Wizard, Wolfe, Wolfhound, Wolsey, Wolverine, Woodbridge Haven, Woodcock, Woodpecker, Woolston, Worcester, Wrangler, Wren (i), Wren (ii), Wrestler, Wryneck


Y - York


Z - Zambesi, Zealous, Zebra, Zenith, Zephyr, Zest, Zetland, Zharkiy (Russian), Zhguchi (Russian), Zhivuchi (Russian), Zhostki (Russian), Zodiac, Zulu




.... by TYPE and CLASS

links to Type or Class background are in blue bold


Ship's names in bold include expansions, photo collections, personal reminiscences, or links to sites.





Queen Elizabeth-class

Barham, Malaya, Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, Warspite

Royal Sovereign-class

Ramillies, Resolution, Revenge, Royal Oak, Royal Sovereign (also Russian Archangelsk)


Nelson, Rodney

King George V-class

Anson, Duke of York, Howe, King George V, Prince of Wales





Renown, Repulse







M.29, M.31. M.33


Erebus, Terror


Abercrombie, Roberts



Fleet and other Aircraft Carriers


World War 1 period ships,

including Eagle

Pegasus, Argus, Eagle, Hermes




Albatross (seaplane carrier)


Courageous, Glorious


Ark Royal


(1) Formidable, Illustrious, Victorious, (2) Indomitable, (3) Implacable, Indefatigable




Light Fleet Carriers



Unicorn (built as aircraft maintenance ship)


Colossus, Glory, Theseus, Triumph (ii), Venerable, Vengeance (10 in class)


 (no service histories)


Escort Carriers


individual conversions

Audacity, Activity, Campania, Pretoria Castle


Nairana, Vindex


Archer, Avenger, Biter, Dasher


Attacker, Battler, Chaser, Fencer, Hunter (ii), Pursuer, Ravager, Searcher, Stalker, Tracker


Ameer, Arbiter, Atheling, Begum, Emperor, Empress, Khedive, Nabob (RCN-manned), Patroller, Premier, Puncher, Queen, Rajah, Ranee, Reaper, Ruler, Shah, Slinger, Smiter, Speaker, Thane, Trouncer, Trumpeter



Heavy Cruisers



Australia (RAN), Berwick, Canberra (RAN), Cornwall, Cumberland, Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Kent, London, Norfolk, Shropshire (also RAN), Suffolk, Sussex


Exeter, York



Light/AA Cruisers


World War 1 Birmingham-class

Adelaide (RAN)

World War 1 C-classes

Cairo, Calcutta, Caledon, Calypso, Capetown, Caradoc, Cardiff, Carlisle, Ceres, Colombo, Coventry, Curacoa, Curlew

World War 1 D-classes

Danae (also Polish Conrad), Dauntless, Delhi, Despatch, Diomede, Dragon (also Polish), Dunedin, Durban

World War 1 Hawkins-class

Effingham, Frobisher, Hawkins,

World War 1 E-class

Emerald, Enterprise


Achilles (RNZN), Ajax, Leander (RNZN), Neptune, Orion


Hobart, Perth, Sydney (all RAN)


Arethusa, Aurora, Galatea, Penelope


Birmingham, Glasgow, Gloucester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton


Belfast, Edinburgh


Argonaut, Bonaventure (i), Charybdis, Cleopatra, Dido, Euryalus, Hermione, Naiad, Phoebe, Scylla, Sirius


Bermuda, Ceylon, Fiji, Gambia (also RNZN), Jamaica, Kenya, Mauritius, Newfoundland, Nigeria, Trinidad, Uganda/Quebec (RCN)

Bellona/Improved Dido-class

Bellona, Black Prince, Diadem, Royalist, Spartan


Ontario (RCN), Swiftsure



Cruiser Minelayers





Abdiel, Apollo, Ariadne, Latona, Manxman, Welshman











Destroyers and Flotilla Leaders



Broke, Keppel, Wallace


Campbell, Douglas, MacKay, Malcolm, Montrose, Stuart (RAN)

Old R-class


Old S-class

Sabre, Saladin, Sardonyx, Scimitar, Scout, Shikari, Stronghold, Sturdy, Tenedos, Thanet, Thracian


Valentine, Valorous, Vampire (RAN), Vanessa, Vanity, Vanoc, Vanquisher, Vansittart, Vega, Velox, Vendetta (RAN), Venetia, Venomous, Verdun, Verity, Versatile, Vesper, Veteran, Viceroy, Vidette, Vimiera, Vimy, Viscount, Vivacious, Vivien, Volunteer, Vortigern, Voyager (RAN), Wakeful, Walker, Walpole, Wanderer, Warwick, Watchman, Waterhen (RAN), Wessex, Westcott, Westminster, Whitehall, Whirlwind, Whitshed, Whitley, Wild Swan, Winchelsea, Winchester, Windsor, Wishart, Witch, Witherington, Wivern, Wolfhound, Wolsey, Wolverine, Woolston, Worcester, Wren (i), Wrestler, Wryneck


Amazon, Ambuscade


Codrington (leader), Acasta, Achates, Acheron, Active, Antelope, Anthony, Ardent, Arrow

Canadian ships

Saguenay, Skeena


Keith (leader), Basilisk, Beagle, Blanche, Boadicea, Boreas, Brazen, Brilliant, Bulldog

C-class - all Canadian

Assiniboine (ex-Kempenfelt, leader), Restigouche (ex-Comet), Fraser (ex-Crescent), Ottawa (ex-Crusader), St Laurent (ex-Cygnet (i))


Duncan (leader), Dainty, Daring, Decoy (later HMCS Kootenay), Defender, Delight, Diamond, Diana (later HMCS Margaree), Duchess


Exmouth (leader), Echo (later Greek Navarinon), Eclipse, Electra, Encounter, Escapade, Escort, Esk, Express (later HMCS Gatineau)


Faulknor (leader), Fame, Fearless, Firedrake, Foresight, Forester, Fortune (later HMCS Saskatchewan), Foxhound (later HMCS Qu’Appelle), Fury


Grenville (Leader), Gallant, Garland, Gipsy, Glowworm, Grafton, Grenade, Greyhound, Griffin


Hardy (leader), Hasty, Havock, Hereward, Hero (later HMCS Chaudiere), Hostile, Hotspur, Hunter, Hyperion


Inglefield (leader), Icarus, Ilex, Imogen, Imperial, Impulsive, Intrepid, Isis, Ivanhoe

ex-Brazilian H-type

Harvester, Havant, Havelock, Hesperus, Highlander, Hurricane

ex-Turkish I-type

Inconstant, Ithuriel


Afridi, Ashanti, Bedouin, Cossack, Eskimo, Gurkha, Maori, Mashona, Matabele, Mohawk, Nubian, Punjabi, Sikh, Somali, Tartar, Zulu

Tribal-class, 2nd Group

Arunta (RAN), Athabaskan (RCN), Bataan (RAN), Haida (RCN), Huron (RCN), Iroquois (RCN), Warramunga (RAN)


Jervis (leader), Jackal, Jaguar, Janus, Javelin, Jersey, Juno, Jupiter


Kelly (leader), Kandahar, Kashmir, Kelvin, Khartoum, Kimberley, Kingston, Kipling


Laforey (leader), Gurkha, Lance, Legion, Lightning, Lively, Lookout, Loyal


Milne (leader), Mahratta, Marne, Martin, Matchless, Meteor, Musketeer, Myrmidon/Polish Orkan


Napier (leader, RAN), Nepal (RAN), Nerissa/Polish Piorun, Nestor (RAN), Nizam (RAN), Noble/Dutch Van Galen, Nonpareil/Dutch Tjerk Hiddes, Norman (RAN)


Onslow (leader), Obdurate, Obedient, Offa, Onslaught, Opportune, Oribi, Orwell


Pakenham (leader), Paladin, Panther, Partridge, Pathfinder, Penn, Petard, Porcupine


Quilliam (leader), Quadrant (RAN postwar), Quail, Quality (RAN postwar), Queenborough (RAN postwar), Quentin, Quiberon (also RAN), Quickmatch (also RAN)


Rotherham (leader), Racehorse, Raider, Rapid, Redoubt, Relentless, Rocket, Roebuck


Saumarez (leader), Savage, Scorpion, Scourge, Serapis, Shark/Norwegian Svenner, Success/Norwegian Stord, Swift


Troubridge (leader), Teazer, Tenacious, Termagant, Terpischore, Tumult, Tuscan, Tyrian


Grenville (leader), Ulster, Ulysses, Undaunted, Undine, Urania, Urchin, Ursa


Kempenfelt (leader), Wager, Wakeful, Wessex, Whelp, Whirlwind, Wizard, Wrangler


Hardy (leader), Valentine/HMCS Algonquin, Venus, Verulam, Vigilant, Virago, Vixen/HMCS Sioux, Volage


Myngs (leader), Zambesi, Zealous, Zebra, Zenith, Zephyr, Zest, Zodiac


Cavendish (leader), Caesar, Cambrian, Caprice, Carron, Carysfort, Cassandra, Cavalier, Constance, Cossack (ii), Contest


Armada, Barfleur, Barossa, Gravelines, Hogue, Saintes, Sluys

ex-US Town-class

Annapolis (RCN), Bath (also Norwegian), Belmont, Beverley, Bradford, Brighton (also Russian Zharkiy), Broadwater, Broadway, Burnham, Burwell, Buxton (also RCN), Caldwell (also RCN), Cameron, Campbeltown, Castleton, Charlestown, Chelsea (also RCN, then Russian Derzki), Chesterfield, Churchill (also Russian Deyatelnyi), Clare, Columbia (RCN), Georgetown (also RCN, then Russian Zhostki), Hamilton (also RCN), Lancaster, Leamington (also RCN and Russian Zhguchi), Leeds, Lewes, Lincoln (also Norwegian, then Russian Druzhny), Ludlow, Mansfield (also Norwegian and RCN), Montgomery (also RCN), Newark, Newmarket, Newport (also Norwegian), Niagara (RCN), Ramsey, Reading, Richmond (RCN, also Russian Zhivuchi), Ripley, Rockingham, Roxburgh (also Russian Doblestini), St Albans (also Norwegian, then Russian Dostoini), St Clair (RCN), St Croix (RCN), St Francis (RCN), St Mary's, Salisbury (also RCN), Sherwood, Stanley, Wells



Escort Destroyers


Type I

Atherstone, Berkeley, Cattistock, Cleveland, Cotswold, Cottesmore, Eglinton, Exmoor (i), Fernie, Garth, Hambledon, Holderness, Mendip, Meynell, Pytchley, Quantock, Quorn, Southdown, Tynedale, Whaddon, also listed as Type II's - Blencathra, Brocklesby, Liddesdale,

Type II

Avon Vale, Badsworth (also Norwegian Arendal), Beaufort, Bedale/Polish Slazak, Bicester, Blackmore, Blankney, Bramham (also Greek Themistocles),  Calpe, Chiddingfold, Cowdray, Croome, Dulverton, Eridge, Exmoor (ii), Farndale, Grove, Heythrop, Hursley (also Greek Kriti), Hurworth, Lamerton, Lauderdale, Ledbury, Middleton, Oakley (i)/Polish Kujawiak, Oakley (ii), Puckeridge, Silverton/Polish Krakowiak, Southwold, Tetcott, Wheatland, Wilton, Zetland

Type III

Airedale, Albrighton, Aldenham, Belvoir, Blean, Bleasdale, Bolebroke/Greek Pindos, Border/Greek Adrias, Catterick, Derwent, Easton, Eggesford, Eskdale (Norwegian), Glaisdale (Norwegian), Goathland, Haldon/French La Combattante, Hatherleigh/Greek Kanaris, Haydon, Holcombe, Limbourne, Melbreak, Modbury/Greek Miaoulis, Penylan, Rockwood, Stevenstone, Talybont, Tanatside, Wensleydale

Type IV

Brecon, Brissenden



(incomplete and some in outline only)



Osiris, Otus (9 in class)


Phoenix (5 remaining in class)


Rainbow, Regent, Regulus, Rover (4 in class)


Clyde, Severn, Thames (3 in class)

Porpoise-class minelayers

Grampus, Narwhal, Porpoise, Rorqual, Seal (6 in class)

S-class, prewar programme

(12 in class)

S-class, war programmes

Safari, Sahib (50 completed)

T-class, prewar programme

Tetrarch, Thistle, Tigris, Torbay, Triad, Triton, Triumph, Truant (15 in class)

T-class, war programmes

P.311, Tactician, Tally Ho, Tantalus, Tantivy, Tapir, Telemachus, Templar, Teredo, Terrapin, Thermopylae, Thorough, Tiptoe, Tradewind, Trenchant, Trespasser, Trump, Trusty, Turbulent, Turpin (38 completed)

U-class, prewar programme

Undine (i), Unity, Ursula (also Russian V.4) (3 in class)

U-class, war programmes

P.32, P.33, P.36, P.38, P.39, P.48, Ultimatum, Ultor, Umbra, Umpire, Una, Unbeaten, Unbending, Unbroken (also Russian V.2), Undaunted (i), Union, Unique, Unison (also Russian V.3), United, Unrivalled, Unruffled, Unruly, Unseen, Unshaken, Upholder, Upright, Uproar, Urge, Utmost (68 completed)


Acheron (only Amphion and Astute believed completed by war's end)







Bridgewater, Sandwich (2 in class)


Folkestone, Hastings, Penzance, Scarborough (6 in class, including 2 RIN)


Bideford, Dundee, Falmouth, Fowey, Milford, Rochester, Shoreham, Weston (8 in class)


Aberdeen, Deptford, Fleetwood, Grimsby, Leith, Londonderry, Lowestoft, Wellington (12 in class, including 4 RAN)


Bittern, Enchantress, Stork (3 in class)


Auckland, Egret, Pelican (3 in class)

Black Swan-class

Black Swan, Erne, Flamingo, Ibis (4 in class)

Modified Bittern-class

Godavari, Narbada, Sutlej (4 in class - all RIN)

Modified Black Swan-class

Alacrity, Amethyst, Cauvery (RIN), Chanticleer, Crane, Cygnet (ii), Hart, Hind, Kistna (RIN), Kite, Lapwing, Lark, Magpie, Mermaid, Opossum, Peacock, Pheasant, Redpole, Snipe, Sparrow, Starling, Whimbrel, Wild Goose, Woodcock, Woodpecker, Wren (ii) (29 in class)






Banff-class (ex-US Coast Guard)

Banff, Culver, Fishguard, Gorleston, Hartland, Landguard, Lulworth, Sennen, Totland, Walney (10 transferred)





River-class, British- and eight earlier Canadian-built

Aire, Avon, Barle, Cam, Cuckmere, Ettrick (also RCN), Exe, Lossie, Nene (also RCN), Ribble (RCN), Spey, Tay, Teviot, Trent, Tweed, Waveney (65 completed)

Loch-class (see also Depot Ships)

Loch Achanalt (also RNZN Pukaki), Loch Achray (also RNZN Kaniere), Loch Alvie, Loch Ard/Transvaal (SANF), Loch Arkaig, Loch Boisdale/Good Hope (SANF), Loch Craggie, Loch Cree/Natal (SANF), Loch Dunvegan, Loch Eck (also RNZN Hawae), Loch Fada, Loch Fyne, Loch Glendhu, Loch Gorm, Loch Insh, Loch Katrine (also RNZN Rotoiti), Loch Killin, Loch Killisport, Loch Lomond, Loch More, Loch Morlich (also RNZN Tutira), Loch Quoich, Loch Ruthven, Loch Scavaig, Loch Shin (also RNZN Taupo), Loch Tarbert, Loch Tralaig, Loch Veyatie (30 completed including three South African and two conversions. Six post-war transfers to RNZN)

Bay-class (see also Despatch Vessels and Survey Ships)

Bigbury Bay, Burghead Bay, Cardigan Bay, Carnarvon Bay, Cawsand Bay, Enard Bay, Largo Bay, Morecambe Bay, Mounts Bay, Padstow Bay, Porlock Bay, St Austell Bay, St Brides Bay, Start Bay, Tremadoc Bay, Veryan Bay, Whitesand Bay, Widemouth Bay, Wigtown Bay (25 completed including six conversions)


Bickerton, Essington, Kempthorne, Rutherford, Spragge (78 completed)


Tortola (21 completed)






Aubretia, Balsam, Bluebell, Clover, Gloxinia, Hollyhock, Hyacinth, Jonquil, Mignonette, Monkshood, Narcissus, Oxlip, Petunia, Rhododendron, Stonecrop, Sunflower, Tamarisk, Verbena


Allington Castle, Bamborough Castle, Caister Castle, Dumbarton Castle, Hadleigh Castle, Lancaster Castle, Launceston Castle





Old Hunt-class

Abingdon, Derby, Dunoon, Lydd, Saltburn, Saltash, Selkirk, Sutton


Bramble (i), Britomart, Harrier, Hazard, Hebe, Hussar, Jason, Leda, Niger, Salamander, Seagull, Sharpshooter, Sphinx (21 in class)


Bangor, Blackpool, Blyth, Brixham, Bude, Eastbourne, Ilfracombe, Peterhead, Polruan, Romney, Rye


Acute, Alarm, Albacore, Algerine, Bramble (ii), Brave, Cadmus, Chameleon, Cheerful, Circe, Coquette, Espiegle, Fantome, Golden Fleece, Hare, Jewel, Lennox, Liberty, Loyalty, Mutine, Onyx, Pickle, Pincher, Plucky, Polaris, Ready, Recruit, Regulus (ii), Rifleman, Rinaldo, Rosario, Spanker, Squirrel



River Gunboats


World War 1 Insect-class

Aphis, Cicala, Cockchafer, Cricket, Gnat, Ladybird. Scarab








Dragonfly, Grasshopper



Landings Ships


Mercantile conversion

Royal Scotsman



Despatch Vessels


ex-Bay-class Frigates

Alert, Surprise



Survey Ships


Frigate/minesweeper conversions

Cook, Dalrymple, Dampier, Owen (all ex-Bay-class Frigates), Franklin



Depot/Repair/Base Ships


Various conversions including two ex-Loch-class frigates (the 'Havens')

Aurania, Bonaventure (ii), Derby Haven, Hecla*, Iron Duke (ex-battleship), Maidstone, Medway (i), Montclare, Resource, Vindictive (ex-cruiser), Wolfe, Woodbridge Haven






HMS Dalrymple




A number of Lt Cdr Mason's ship histories cover pre- and post-war service, sometimes as summaries, sometimes in greater detail. The latter are also listed here for visitors researching the pre- and post-war history of the Royal Navy


Pre-War to 1939


A - Acasta, Afridi, Ajax, Ambuscade, Ardent, Arethusa, Ashanti, Aurora - B - Bedouin C - Calcutta, Caledon, Capetown, Caradoc, Cardiff, Carlisle, Ceres, Colombo, Comet, Cossack, Coventry, Crusader, Curlew - D - Danae, Delhi, Despatch, Diomede - E - Eskimo, Exeter, Exmouth - F - Faulknor, Forester - G - Galatea, Greyhound, Gurkha - H - Harrier - K - Kent - L - Lowestoft - M - M.29, M.31. M.33, Manchester, Maori, Mashona, Matabele, Mohawk - N - Nubian - P - Punjabi - Q - Queen Elizabeth - R - Renown, Repulse, Robin, Royal Oak - S - Sharpshooter, Sikh, Somali - T - Tartar - Z - Zulu



Post-War from 1945

All ships that survived the war have post-war summaries, even if they went into reserve and to the breakers. However the following vessels are covered in more detail, sometimes in considerable detail:


A - Alacrity, Alert, Anson, Armada, Aurania - B - Barfleur, Barossa, Bigbury Bay, Burghead Bay, Bramble (ii) - C - Cardigan Bay, Carnarvon Bay, Cavalier, Cavendish, Cawsand Bay, Colossus, Constance, Cook, Cossack (ii), Cumberland - D - Dalrymple, Dampier, Derby Haven, Devonshire, Duke of York - E - Enard Bay - F - Franklin - G - Glory, Golden Fleece, Good Hope (SANF), Gravelines - H - Hawae (RNZN), Hogue, Howe - I - Implacable - J - K - Kaniere (RNZN), Kenya - King George V - L - Largo Bay, Loch Achanalt, Loch Achray, Loch Arkaig, Loch Dunvegan, Loch Eck, Loch Fada, Loch Fyne, Loch Glendhu, Loch Gorm, Loch Insh, Loch Katrine, Loch Killisport, Loch Lomond, Loch More, Loch Morlich, Loch Quoich, Loch Ruthven, Loch Scavaig, Loch Shin, Loch Tarbert, Loch Tralaig, Loch Veyatie, London - M - Maidstone, Manxman, Morecambe Bay, Mounts Bay - N - Natal (SANF), Nigeria, Newfoundland - O - Owen - P - Padstow Bay, Pelican, Polaris, Porlock Bay, Pukaki (RNZN), - Q - R - Rotoiti (RNZN), - S - St Austell Bay, St Brides Bay, Saintes, Shackleton (ex-Sharpshooter), Sharpshooter, Sluys, Start Bay, Surprise, Sussex - T - Taupo (RNZN), Theseus, Transvaal (SANF), Tremadoc Bay, Triumph (2), Tutira (RNZN), - U - Ulster, Unicorn - V - Venerable, Vengeance, Veryan Bay, Victorious - W - Whitesand Bay, Widemouth Bay, Wigtown Bay, Woodbridge Haven - Z - Zephyr






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